Red Bull on the bottom and 1/2 Jager 1/2 Goldschager on top... Taste just like a piece of Bubblelicious bubble gum.

©Sprite Remix and Rasberry Vodka

©Moutain Dew Code Red and Rasberry Vodka

©Malibu Rum & pineapple juice

©Tequila & Kearns guava nectar

©chocolate milk and Bailey's Irish Cream

©mango juice and peach schnapps

©rootbeer and ouzo

©ginger ale and spiced rum

©dark rum and light rum (wheeee!)

©Sneaky Snakes. Bottom is Orange Faygo. Top is Absolut Kurant. These are so good, they will Sneak up and bite you in the ass

©vodka on top and lemonlime gatorade on the bottom

©vodka on top and wawa brand fruit punch on the bottom

©southern comfort on top and cranberry juice on the bottom

©99 apples on top and lemon-lime egatorade on the bottom

©B:1/3 southern comfort,1/3 stoli strasberry,1/3 peachtree schnapps

©T: 1/2 7 UP,1/2 cranberry juice

©Jager on the top and Vanilla pepsi on the bottom. We like to call this delicious concoction a "Jager Berry"

©top: jagermeister - bottom: peppermint schnapps...really good wintery treat

©try a butter - crown royal...bottom - butter scotch schnapps

©Top portion Captain Morgan's rum, bottom portion Ice Tea. Great during the summer time

©lemonade on the bottom and vodka on top!

©"Bubba" bottom has Ski (this is a midwest regional soft drink, you can substitute Mountain Dew) top has Jack Daniels. Get 'er done!

©We here at the Caribbean Saloon have named what is quickly becoming our favorite Quaff. It is Cream Soda on the bottom and Jager on top. We have named it Autobon, because it goes down smooth (and they are hard to pass on)!!

©Southern Comfort and Red Bull, much like a Tuaca Bomb!

©Tic-Tac - T-Bacardi O...B- Jagermeister Tastes zactly like a orange tic-tac great for gettin the ladies trashed

©Vanilla Dr. McGillicuddy's chased with Big Red Cream Soda

©I’m an AF recruiter, and our squadron drinks Capt and coke, or admiral nelson and coke. We do reverse snorkels (quaffers) rum on the bottom and coke on top

©Jack Daniels - Top Strawberry Daquiari Mix - Bottom

©1/2 sprite remix and 1/2 fruit punch and vodka

©A&W cream soda with Puerto Rican rum

©Cold Vodka and Apple Juice

©Amereto and O.J. Bacardi 151 and Hawaiian Punch

©Pepsi Blue and Vodka

©Code Red - Mountain Dew (code red) and Vodka

©Redrum - Mountain Dew (code red) and Citrus Rum

©Bacardi Limon and Lemonade